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December 29, 2021

Kindergarteners of GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar spread message of ‘Save The Tiger’

The Tiger which is the national animal of India is a symbol of beauty, bravery, and strength. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the pride of our nation which is home to about two-thirds of the world's population.

Tigers have become a very important topic of interest and a concerning issue across the globe. There is a need to create awareness to save tigers as well as wildlife. Saving tigers is not only our duty but also our responsibility as they are the pride of our country.

To create awareness and propagate the idea of saving tigers, the GMP segment of GIIS Smart Campus, Hadapsar organised a three-day special program that mainly focused on why tigers are becoming endangered, what measures the government is taking, and what we as citizens of this country can do to save tigers.

The three-day program witnessed the students, who were an enthusiastic lot, occupied with a host of activities. The first day saw students making tiger masks while teachers explained to students some amazing facts about tigers. On the second day, the children made posters/ placards and wrote slogans on protecting our nation's pride. On the third day, students participated in the pretend play activity on tigers and spoke 4-5 lines about the national animal.

Meanwhile, teachers taught the students that poaching is one of the reasons why tigers are becoming endangered and we should help in stopping poaching by not buying skinned baggage, footwear, and products made of fur.

The children were also made aware that humans are cutting down the jungle to build houses, construction of roads, highways, etc. Deforestation is the second significant cause due to which animals like tigers are disappearing.

Through these activities teachers made the students feel near to the cause and one step towards their effort to preserve tigers.

Kids along with their parents extremely enjoyed and actively participated in all the activities and made a pledge to plant more trees and not buy items made of animal products. They also learned that if everyone joins hands and contributes, they will be successful in saving our national animal.

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