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October 17, 2023

Kicking up fun and family at GIIS Hadapsar’s parents Football League 2023

The GIIS Hadapsar Parents Football League electrified the campus. The event saw an impressive display of sportsmanship and enthusiasm as 40 parents took to the field. The campus grounds were abuzz with excitement, hosting four spirited teams; Hibiscus, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Sunflower.


After a day filled with nail-biting matches and exceptional football skills, it was the Sunflower team that emerged as the champions, claiming the top spot in the Hadapsar Parents Football League. The Orchid team secured a well-deserved second place, leaving a lasting impression with their outstanding performance.


Dr. D. Lakshmi Prasanna, principal, presented medals to honor the remarkable achievements of the winning teams and to acknowledge the unmatched dedication of all the participants.


The success of the event was an example to the relentless efforts of the parents, teachers, and organizers. The event embodied the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and unity, reflecting the core ethos of the GIIS community. It was a day that not only promoted physical fitness but also fostered a strong sense of community within the school.


Congratulations to Sunflower and Orchid teams for their exceptional performances, and a heartfelt salute to all those who contributed to making this event a memorable triumph. We eagerly await more exhilarating sporting events like these  in the future.


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