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October 11, 2023

GSF fosters innovation and empowers India's youth; launches Make in India Innovation Initiative(MI4)

In a symphony of unbound enthusiasm, GSF India proudly introduces the Make In India Innovation Initiative(MI4). The platform is poised to kindle the flames of innovation and entrepreneurship among students across the nation. MI4 is a transformative endeavor that transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking, uniting students from 16 GSF campuses across India and inviting them to dream big becoming true agents of change.


The central aim of MI4 is to cultivate an innovative mindset among GSF India school students, to encourage them to craft imaginative solutions and entrepreneurial ventures that align with the Make in India mission. In an era where India aspires to become a global manufacturing powerhouse, this initiative empowers the youth to take the lead in steering the nation's economic growth.


Through the initiative GSF India, welcomes students from grades 8 to 12, with ages ranging from 13 to 18. They are the torchbearers of the future, armed with the tools and knowledge required to transform their innovative ideas into reality. MI4 serves as a catalyst for exploration, allowing students to be architects of change in their own right.


This competition offers a wide array of project themes, all meticulously designed to advance the Make in India initiative—from manufacturing and technology to renewable energy, agriculture, healthcare/wellness, education, and space technology, the possibilities are as diverse as the dreams of the young visionaries involved. It is an open invitation for students to dive deep into their passions, innovate relentlessly, and contribute to the prosperity of the nation.


At GIIS Hadapsar, students are immersed in captivating projects that exemplify the boundless creativity and problem-solving skills. MI4 extends its heartfelt wishes for a journey filled with discovery, creativity, and success. 

This initiative serves as a testament to the untapped potential residing within the youth of India, calling on them to embrace their creative instincts, address the challenges posed by Make in India, and leave an enduring mark on the nation and the world. 

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