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October 10, 2023

Global Little Stars shines bright at GIIS Hadapsar

Once again, the stage was set for the most adorable talent showcase, and the spotlight was on the youngest stars of our educational galaxy. GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar, played host to the much-anticipated event, Global Little Star, bringing together kindergarteners from GIIS and various other schools in the city.


Global Little Stars is not just a competition; it's a platform that nurtures talent, instills healthy competition, and forges lasting bonds among students and schools. This event empowers our young talents to confront challenges with a positive attitude, ultimately propelling them toward a brighter future.


In a spectacular display of participation and enthusiasm, a total of 48 preschools and schools from across Pune joined the festivities. The event garnered an impressive 600+ online registrations and an additional 50+ on-the-spot registrations, with over 550 little stars showcasing their talents in various categories on the day of the celebrations.


The event was a dazzling display of the little ones' capabilities, with enchanting performances in categories such as Fancy Dress, Rhyme Recitations, Ad Mad Shows, and record-breaking Rubik's Cube. Other engaging categories included Show and Tell, Shloka Recitation, Clay Modeling, and Extempore speeches, where these young minds freely expressed their thoughts on diverse topics. The students gave their all, earning impressive scores and wowing the audience, which included proud parents and delighted guests.


Recognition abounded as the students received well deserved trophies and certificates for their outstanding performances. Each child, regardless of the results, took home a participation certificate, celebrating their courage and talent.


Global Little Star not only celebrated the achievements of these young talents but also sowed the seeds of aspiration for a brighter future. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and limitless potential illuminating the path to a new era of learning and growth. GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar, with this heartwarming event, continues to inspire and nurture the stars of tomorrow.


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