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November 01, 2023

GIIS Hadapsar’s legacy for greener tomorrow at Global Excellence Day

Climate change is a pressing global concern, and the words of former President Barack Obama remind us that we are not only the first generation to feel its impact but also the last generation with the power to address it. With this in mind, GIIS Smart Campus, Hadapsar, took a significant step towards raising awareness about climate change. The students participated in Global Excellence Day alongside over ten campuses worldwide.


It is with immense pride and honor we share that our team, named "CAPTAIN PLANET" participated and won a silver award in the junior category, of the GED competition. The team addressed the critical issue of "CLIMATE CHANGE”. We would like to congratulate the two bright young minds, Aarika Sharma(V-B) and Manogya Maheshwari (IV-A) who showcased their remarkable presentation skills that led them to win the silver award.


 Apart from winning accolades as a team, Manogya Maheshwari stood out and was awarded the title of "Best Presenter" for her outstanding skills. Her eloquence and passion left an indelible mark on the jury members, who showered her with appreciation and praise. This accomplishment reflects the dedication and hard work put in by the students and their mentors in making the project a huge success.


Competing against other campuses was indeed a challenge for our students, but the "CAPTAIN PLANET" team sailed through with unwavering zeal and enthusiasm. This competition served as an invaluable learning experience for all involved, motivating us to set higher standards in our pursuit of addressing the urgent issue of climate change.


At GIIS Smart Campus, Hadapsar, we recognize the significance of climate change and our responsibility to take meaningful action. Our students have not only excelled in this competition but have also contributed to the global conversation on climate change. This achievement fills us with pride and inspires us to continue our efforts in creating a sustainable and environmentally-conscious future for our students and the community.



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