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November 21, 2023

GIIS Hadapsar attains apex of excellence, becomes a recipient of the 2023 Global Performance Excellence Award

The Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) has once again illuminated the path to organizational brilliance by announcing the winners of the highly coveted Global Performance Excellence Awards 2023. This prestigious recognition celebrates the unyielding pursuit of excellence exhibited by fifteen exceptional organizations spanning across six countries. Amid this prestigious list, GIIS Hadapsar stands tall and proud, having clinched the coveted Global Performance Excellence Award 2023  for Best in Class category, marking a momentous achievement in their journey of excellence.


GIIS Hadapsar's remarkable feat resonates with their unwavering commitment to superior performance, innovative practices, and holistic organizational success. The Global Performance Excellence Awards, now in its twenty-third year, have consistently set the bar high for organizations aspiring to reach the zenith of performance and quality. This award signifies not only triumph for GIIS Hadapsar but also an inspiration for organizations worldwide to pursue excellence relentlessly.


Sharing this remarkable victory with immense pride, GIIS Hadapsar reinforces their dedication to excellence across all facets of their operations. The award is a proof to their unceasing efforts in embracing cutting-edge methodologies, fostering innovation, and adhering to the highest standards of quality.


As the APQO honors and celebrates these distinguished organizations, the recognition bestowed upon GIIS Hadapsar echoes their commitment to the holistic development of their students and the broader community. The award showcases their ability to transform challenges into opportunities, setting a benchmark for the industry.


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