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October 27, 2023

Embracing change and inspiring the future, a reflective month of celebration and transformation at GIIS Hadapsar

What a wonderful, insightful, festive fueled month it has been. To begin with, as we commenced the month of October by  celebrating Gandhi Jayanti; I spent time asking myself are we truly living Gandhi ji’s legacy when we find our lives being shadowed by non-Gandhian practices—hate speech, abuse on Social media & Communal differences that we keep witnessing around are distancing us from the Mahatma and his principles.

However, hearing our students from various grades talk about their understanding during the morning assemblies, gave me the reassurance I needed. Now I am sure that our next generation of learners and leaders have complete clarity on the relevance of adapting & following the Gandhian principles in the current global scenario. Terms such as Sustainable development, Vocal for Local came out very strongly from every presentation and comforted me with the knowledge that we are instilling the right values into our students.

It was only fitting that we followed Gandhi Jayanti week by observing “Mental Health Awareness'' week, wherein our students right from Grade 3 were exposed to the importance of Mental Health through activities that taught them how to free their minds from all negative thoughts, thus creating a circle of control on their mind by adapting positive healthy habits that lead to a truly happy mind.

The community that celebrates together flourishes together. With a vibrant, diverse community of 1200+ families who entrust their children to us. Together they create a strong bond of trust and engagement. Our first ever Father football Tournament saw an active, competitive participation from 30+ parents with the entire school community witnessing a Football frenzy like never before. The event was much appreciated & thoroughly enjoyed by all participants and spectators.

And finally, the festival of Navratri transcends its religious origins to become a celebration of the triumph of goodness, enlightenment, and unity. 9 days of celebration culminating with the most awaited “Dandiya evening” within our campus. After last year’s resounding success, this year witnessed close to 1500+ participants who danced to the beats of the Garba and engaged in much merriment at the exclusive food and game stalls.

Finally, as we move from the festival of good triumphing over evil into the festival of lights, I wish us all courage and a deeper understanding of the values that will bring about the change we desire into our lives and make a difference. 



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