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October 25, 2023

Dandiya Raas - An Evening of Dance, Fun, and Color at GIIS Hadapsar

The Global Indian International School, Hadapsar immersed itself in the lively essence of Navratri during the much-anticipated Dandiya Raas event. This colorful celebration of Indian culture brought together the school community,  uniting everyone including staff, talented students, and supportive parents.


The event was a joyful and unforgettable occasion that highlighted the school's commitment to fostering a strong sense of culture and unity.  As the sun dipped below the horizon, the school campus transformed into a vibrant spectacle of colors. Attendees adorned themselves in traditional, bright, and colorful attires. The event featured a variety of dance categories and awards, celebrating the best dancers and most authentic Dandiya players. Awards included best couple dancer, best dressed couple, best parent-child dance duo, grandparent-grandchild dance duo, most authentic dandiya player (male and female), and most graceful dancer awards for both genders. The best child dancer and best dressed kid were also acknowledged.


Beyond captivating dance performances, the event offered an array of food and shopping stalls. Parents from GIIS Hadapsar campus contributed their time and effort in setting up stalls featuring a diverse range of offerings, from veg biryani to fashion accessories and handmade jewelry, chemical-free soaps, moisturizers, and shampoos. Attendees were spoiled for the choices available at the stalls offering ladies' clothes and jewelry, fashion accessories, and handicrafts, South Indian delicacies, candy floss, popcorn, pani-puri, muffins, chips, corn bhel, khakhra chaat, personalized school essentials, a tattoo studio, and mehendi.


The Dandiya Raas event at GIIS Hadapsar was a true celebration of culture and community, with attendees creating lasting memories and cherishing the joyous moments. The event perfectly embodied the spirit of Navratri, and the school looks forward to hosting more such vibrant celebrations in the future.


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