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June 16, 2022

Students of GIIS Balewadi celebrate International Yoga Day

Students of all sections of GIIS Smart Campus Balewadi came together to celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 on June 21.

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21 all over the world to raise awareness of the benefits of practicing yoga. The term ‘yoga’ was coined from two Sanskrit words - “Yuj,” which means together and ‘Yujir’, which means ‘to unite’.

The ancient practice of Yoga is known to balance the body and mind of an individual. Yoga is also highly instrumental in building strength and resilience and a fantastic tool for stress management.

The theme of this year's Yoga Day celebrations was 'Yoga for Humanity'. This theme reflects the importance of yoga in our daily lives and how it benefits the people in being safe and healthy during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Practiced in India since the 5th century, Yoga has been beneficial in keeping the body and mind in sound health.

The kindergarteners came together to perform yoga on the occasion. They were an excited lot right from the start of the day. They listened with curiosity as the teachers explained to them the importance of yoga.

Meanwhile, students of the primary and secondary sections also came together and performed yoga followed by participation in the activities of logo making and slogan writing. Later students also took part in the Rhythmic Yoga activity which they enjoyed.

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