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August 31, 2018

Children create silver Wind Spinners to learn about the wind direction


BALEWADI-PUNE, 30 AUGUST, 2018 - The Thinking Thursday activity for the students of GIIS Balewadi was interesting as this time the tiny tots made a wind spinner with paper plate. The joy of making the wonderful artistic creation was seen in the eyes of every child. There were around 50 students who were part of this activity. 

It was a simple process with detailed instructions given by teachers to help the children make the wind spinners. First, they painted the silver paper plate, from the back side, with their choice of colours like red, blue, green orange etc. Then the plates were left to dry followed by sticking of glitter to decorate it all the more. Then they carefully and slowly made spiral curves on silver colour side of the plate. The children were helped by the respective teachers in making a spiral curve cut so as to get the desired silver colour spiral ring. In the last step, the children tied the thread on the centre of spiral ring and were thrilled to flaunt their beautiful silver wind spinner.

The activity was intended to sharpen the fine motor skills of the Pre Primary children by making them draw, paint and stick decorative items on the plate. They understood how to check the direction of the wind and also enhanced the creativity of the children. The teachers were very happy to see the interest shown by the students during these activities. This is indeed a perfect combination of learning and enjoying the activities while the children do it.

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