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October 27, 2020

Students put their math skills to test during Battle of Brains

SMART Campus Primary organised a Mathematics challenge aptly named “ Battle of the Brains” where the enthusiastic participants of Grades 1 and 2 put their math skills to test.

Four teams namely - Thales, Ramanujan, Pythagoras & Aryabhata were formed by the teachers. Each team had a total of four students, 2 each from Grade 1 and 2. Team Thales emerged the winning team.

The participants were trained by their respective maths teachers. The competition saw some nail-biting moments when the participants closely competed against each other in engaging rounds such as Rapid Fire. The math lovers seemed enthusiastic and were seen displaying their best mathematical skills. A healthy spirit of competition was maintained throughout the competition.  

Trophies were given by Academic Coordinator Ms Parmeshwari Sathiyamoorhti to the winning team Thales & Aryabhata while souvenirs were given to teams Ramanujan & Pythagoras.

The names of the winners are:

Winner team - Thales 

Avyukt Kozhakkat Grade 1A

Geet Modha PYP 1A

Agastya Tyagi Grade 2A

Geetisha Agarwal PYP 2A

First Runner Up team – Aryabhata

Vinati PYP 1B

Aadhya Agarwal PYP 1A

Yomu Shen Grade 2D

Prabhu Giridharan Grade 2E

The event was broadcasted live for the parents and students attending virtual class as well as for students in a physical class. The response received was overwhelming. Such events truly encourage and inspire our young minds!

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