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April 29, 2020

Students engage in virtual contests and activities on Earth Day

Albeit staying at home, GIIS SMART Campus students celebrated Earth Day with full zest on 22nd April 2020. The students virtually engaged in meaningful activities to show their love and respect for Mother Earth.

At the onset of the Virtual Class, all the students took Green Oath along with their teacher and pledged to become global citizens and work for the cause of sustainable development.

Pertaining to this year’s theme of Climate Action, two major competitions were held during the day to stimulate students’ interest in environmental causes and at the same time bring hone their talent.

Grade 1 to 3 participated in Little Artists which involved students in making a collage using bio-degradable materials such as dried/ fresh leaves, thread, cloth, peels of vegetables and fruits etc based on the Theme: “Trees - Lungs of the Earth”.

Grade 4 and 5 participated in another interesting contest, Young Reporters which was conducted to bring out the narrative skills in students. The Topic for the competition was “ Bhutan - The happiest country in the world’. Students were asked to act as Television reporters, reporting live news from Bhutan, and presenting their views and evidence on the happiness quotient in Bhutan. The participants recorded a short video of them presenting as TV reporters and submitted for the contest.

The competitions added great excitement to the event and made the students understand the application of 5R’s. There are a huge number of entries for both the competitions for which the results are yet to be announced.

Apart from the contests, the teachers planned a number of grade-wise activities like listening to the audio, watching a video, reading on the environment, art and craft to bring out the theme and so on. They educated the students about apps like PlantSnap and iNaturalist that they can use to explore flora and fauna.

Teachers and students took special care to ensure that there is minimum wastage of resources while these activities were conducted. The organising committee took conscious steps to control paper waste and there was minimal printing activity involved during the entire event. All the communication was done digitally.

Earth Day celebration was a part of the school’s green initiative ‘GIIS i-Care i-Share’. Through a myriad of activities, the students understood their responsibility towards nurturing the environment.

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