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November 21, 2023

SMART Campus students leave a green mark at Eco-Carnival Festival 2023

In a notable display of environmental stewardship, students from GIIS SMART Campus took centre stage at the Eco-Carnival Festival held on November 4, 2023. The event, organised by Punggol 21 CCMC and The National Environment Agency (NEA), served as a platform for the students to conduct an insightful workshop on composting, aligning with the school's commitment to the Wise on Waste (WoW) initiative under its iCare programme.


The workshop was aimed at fostering an understanding of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices among students and the community. With a focus on composting, the students demonstrated a straightforward yet cost-effective method of converting raw kitchen waste into compost, promoting the idea of self-sufficiency in growing food.


It garnered positive feedback from the visitors who actively participated in hands-on activities and a quiz facilitated by the students. In a practical demonstration of their commitment, 60 packets of compost were distributed to the attendees, further promoting the adoption of sustainable practices in everyday life.


This initiative seamlessly aligns with Singapore's broader environmental goals outlined in the Green Plan 2030, emphasising the importance of individual and community efforts to address environmental challenges on both a national and global scale.


GIIS SMART Campus's involvement in the Eco-Carnival Festival exemplifies its dedication to holistic education, instilling a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness in its students. By actively engaging in community initiatives, the students not only contribute to the betterment of society but also enhance their personal growth and development as conscientious global citizens.


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