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May 09, 2022

SMART Campus PYP students celebrate Mother’s Day by showing gratitude towards their mothers

Appreciating the special bond of love and affection that children share with their mothers, SMART Campus PYP students celebrated Mother’s Day on May 6, 2022, with various creative and fun-filled activities.


The students enthusiastically made beautiful cards, redemption coupons, necklaces, and crowns to show their love and gratitude for their mothers. They prepared special skits and poems dedicated to their mothers and made star badges and conveyed an important message of being humble and respectful to everyone’s parents.


It was an enjoyable and memorable day for the PYP students which left an indelible mark on their innocent hearts. The school strives to inculcate good moral values in its students so that they grow up to become responsible citizens of society. Events like this, help the students to imbibe values such as gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgment.

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