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November 03, 2023

SMART Campus hosts Kindergarten Annual Day: A colourful extravaganza

On October 28, it was the SMART Campus kindergarten students who took centre stage during their Annual Day celebration. This year's theme, 'Splash of Colour in Your Life,' added a vibrant touch to the proceedings.


The stage burst into life with the infectious energy of the tiny performers as they immersed themselves in the enchanting world of colours, emphasising the profound role of colours in one’s lives. Their performance effectively conveyed the message that each colour possesses its own unique essence, mirroring the distinctiveness present within every child.


It was a journey of self-discovery for the young performers and the audience as well.   

The metaphor of using the whole box of crayons beautifully showed the idea that true beauty lies in when we appreciate and embrace our differences. The stage was a visual treat as the children came dressed in beautiful colours showcasing a live rainbow on stage.  


As the curtains gracefully descended, the audience couldn't help but applaud the remarkable efforts of these little ones who not only entertained but also imparted a valuable life lesson. In essence, it was a day brimming with joy for the young learners who participated in the activities with unwavering enthusiasm. Events of this nature at GIIS play a crucial role in establishing a strong foundation for our little students, facilitating their holistic development.






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