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October 17, 2023

Secondary students participate in an interactive session with guest speaker

On October 10, SMART Campus organised an engaging guest lecture session tailored for senior business students in the school’s IBDP and CBSE programmes. The session was done by distinguished guest speaker Mr Mano Manikkam, Senior Director and Head of Global Sourcing in Asia Pacific at VISA.


Mr Manikkam's presence was not just informative but deeply inspirational. He generously shared life lessons, emphasising the key elements to success, and inspired the students to seize the opportunities that life presents. 


He delved into his personal journey, discussing his early life and military service, highlighting how these experiences moulded his character. Manikkam also shared about the concept of digital payments. He vividly illustrated how these life experiences shaped his character, connecting his personal narrative to the broader concepts of professional growth.


The session also delved into the realm of digital payments, offering students a comprehensive understanding of this evolving financial landscape. The guest lecture didn't conclude with Mr Manikkam's presentation; it was followed by an interactive and dynamic Q & A session. Students posed insightful questions, eager to explore various facets of the financial and procurement domain. 


Mr Manikkam, with his wealth of knowledge, provided comprehensive answers on subjects ranging from procurement and the revenue model of digital payments to VISA's role in this evolving landscape, the essential skills required for a career in procurement and sourcing, and the unique selling points of VISA.


The lecture provided an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to the finance industry, leaving them inspired and curious about the world of digital payments. Events like these at GIIS play a pivotal role in encouraging young minds to expand their knowledge and develop the 21st-century skills needed to emerge as future leaders.


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