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January 25, 2019

Sara Ali Khan charms students with her wit during Youth Leadership Lecture Series


SINGAPORE, 25 JANUARY, 2019: Students were full of enthusiasm as Sara Ali Khan, the rising actress and daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, visited the SMART Campus for a brilliant session of Youth Leadership Lecture Series today.

This was the first time that a young achiever like Sara Ali Khan was the guest for the LLS and thus the series was called Youth LLS.

The thunderous applause on her arrival was witness to the fact that students eagerly waited for the actress who has proved her mettle despite being too young in the film industry.  The ‘two films old’ actress proved her powerful acting skills in the movies, ‘Kedarnath’ and ‘Simba’, and received a lot of appreciation from fans and critics.

As the exuberant and vivacious actor shared the stage with the student representatives, she wittily answered all the questions posed to her by the participants. On being asked about her student life, she responded that she was passionate about studies and history is still her favourite subject. On the question, how it was to be a royal family child, Sara candidly answered that her parents insisted on a balanced childhood and in spite of belonging to a royal and Bollywood family, she never went overboard.

The Columbia University graduate was proud of her academic achievements and feels that education is of prime importance. She advised the students, “finding your own place in any institution is the most important. So, whether it’s the subjects that you do, the university that you apply to or the essay that you write, do it honestly and do it yourself.”

The modest actor kept on insisting the students not to call her ma’am and simply address her as Sara.

It was an unforgettable session as students instantly connected with the young actress and got inspiration on how to take studies seriously in spite of choosing any career.

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