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February 04, 2020

Rangotsav mesmerized GIIS family with the colours of spectacular performances by Secondary grade students

Rangotsav - the 7th Annual Day celebration by the Secondary segment students of GIobal Indian International School, Whitefield was a spectacular event well complemented by the lights, sound system and the colourful décor on the stage. The show started with the Lighting of the Lamp ceremony followed by an inspiring speech by Dr. Shivananda C S, respected Principal of GIIS Whitefield.

He exuded the spark of pride because of the overall achievement of students in academics, sports, arts, music and other hobbies that was seen explicitly by way of awards and accolades. He shared the success of initiatives like anti-bullying squad, saying no to junk food, innovative ideas by students by way of project presentations, all these and more that have been recognized in various competitions held in the current academic year.

The Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr. Rajiv Bansal (Director-Operations, GIIS India), congratulated the students for their achievements all the year round and emphasized on the GIIS 9 GEMS holistic approach of learning that has brought incredible results in the overall development of students. He thanked the teachers and the parents for their continuous support and encouragement to the students. There was a felicitation ceremony of the CBSE "Science Fair" winners and Teachers who achieved Highest Attendance in 2018-19. Mr. Rajiv Bansal and Principal Sir, Ms. Preetha D'Mello - Head Mistress of Pre Primary, Ms. J Anuradha and Ms. Jeelu Mary Varghese - Academic Coordinators and Mr. Saroj Pradhan (Admin Manager) were present on-stage to congratulate and do the honours.

The stage was dazzling with colours and styles indeed. The choir performance by Grade 6, 7 and 8 students ignited the exuberance of Rangotsav with the chords of melody and music. The stage lit to life with the Ballet dance on the thoughtful theme of 5 elements of Nature by Grade 6 A and 6C. This was followed by a Hindi Skit on Pollution by Grade 6 and 7.

There was a well-choreographed dance drama to show the impact of mobile addiction among the youngsters of the present day. This was beautifully expressed by Grade 7 A, B and D with a powerful message of spending quality time with family and friends than with mobile phones. The dance dramas by Grade 6 B and D was based on ‘Chitrakar Ka Swapna’ wherein dance forms of different states were showcased in the most graceful and cultural style - Kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam and Dandiya. The Skit - 'Sin, Chair and Genie' by Grade 8 A, B, C students was engaging, blended with comedy and showcased good acting skills of the students. Then there was a Monologue about the unnecessary time consuming Customer Care calls that we receive, requesting for subscriptions or other schemes.  There was a beautiful song and instrumental rendition by the band of Grade 11. The excitement was souring up with the hip-hop medley by Grade 8 A and B girls followed by 'Rang lo' dance by Grade 8 C girls. The audience were cheering up the students while witnessing the electrifying Grand Finale Dance by Grade 8 A, B, C girls and Grade 11 boys and girls. The smart students who compered the entire event with great enthusiasm and cheerful face, were liked by everyone.

Vote of Thanks was presented by Ms. J Anuradha (Academic Coordinator) who congratulated one and all for making Rangotsav a mesmerizing, spectacular, energetic, colourful and indeed entertaining event where every parent enjoyed every performance with a smile.

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