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April 10, 2020

PYP Exhibition – A showcase of our learning journey

Written by: Aashia Luthra, Grade 6 (CLSP), GIIS SMART Campus

As said by William James, American Philosopher and Educator, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action”.

Same is true for the PYP exhibition which is an action-packed event for the students of IB Primary Years Programme to demonstrate their learning and share about their acquired knowledge with a set of audience that comprises parents, teachers and batchmates.

It’s a special event for us PYP students because on this occasion we get the opportunity to talk about our findings and explorations that we have made during our learning journey.

For our recently held PYP Exhibition, the entire class had put in a lot of effort. The enriching journey began by dividing the class into small groups followed by identifying a few global issues as topics for exploration and problem-solving. Some of the key issues that we zeroed down on were - Gender Discrimination, Animal Abuse, Racial Inequality and Discrimination of Disabled People.

Lines of Enquiry were established to support the Central Idea. We demonstrated an understanding of the key concept through our research and created key questions to be dwelt upon. Umpteen group discussions were held to reach the essential agreements. In the process, we learnt a number of things – effective interaction with team members, putting across the idea to the team, thinking out of the box and much more.

After a few weeks of finishing the research work, we conceptualized and subsequently enacted a skit that talked about the key problems and prompted the audience to be sensitive to these causes. The skit was also shared with parents to watch on Youtube. Apart from the skit, we also made an art piece called ‘SILBERSENZE’ that demonstrated how we feel towards these issues.

Now approached the D-Day – the much-awaited PYP Exhibition. We were a bit anxious for the presentation but at the same time super-excited. Our main objective was to reach out to maximum people and create awareness about these issues which we think need more sensitivity from the public. Our objective seemed to be achieved as the audience took a keen interest in our exhibition and also engaged in conversations with the presenters to ask more.

The PYP Exhibition is always an amazing experience for IB students. It helps in building ATL (Approach to Learning ) Skill, social skills, thinking skills. We are able to express articulately and think deeply on issues pertaining to community and society at large.

My special thanks to all our mentors, teachers and coordinators who guided and supported us throughout the journey.

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