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June 12, 2024

Nurturing knowledge: Symbiotic learning through student exchange

Throughout May, the English and Science departments at GIIS SMART Campus conducted a series of engaging learning sessions led by Ms Anna Varghese, Ms Shazia Qadari, Ms Garima Narang, and Ms Vasanthy Seethapathy. As part of our student exchange collaboration initiative, approximately 30 students from Regent International School, Malaysia, participated and benefited from this symbiotic learning experience. Through collaborative discussions and problem-solving activities, these students actively contributed to each other's educational journeys.


The sessions aimed to deepen students’ understanding of narrative and descriptive writing techniques in English and chemical reactions and organismal biology in Science.


On May 9 and 23, the English Department conducted interactive sessions focused on narrative and descriptive writing. Using sentence starters and plot mapping exercises, students learned to construct compelling narratives with well-developed characters. Additionally, picture prompts and visual stimuli helped students hone their descriptive skills, enabling them to create vivid imagery with their words.


On May 16, the Science Department held a session on chemical changes and reactions. Through a captivating lab activity demonstration, students gained practical insights into chemical reactions, fostering a deeper understanding of foundational scientific principles. On May 23, students explored organisms and cells, presenting complex concepts through concept mapping, interactive activities, and video presentations.


The English and Science sessions in May provided students with valuable opportunities to expand their knowledge and refine essential skills in narrative and descriptive writing, as well as chemical reactions and organismal biology. By employing innovative teaching techniques and fostering collaborative learning environments, the teachers successfully facilitated meaningful educational experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to the students' academic and personal growth.


Symbiotic learning is a pedagogical approach that fosters a community of learners who engage in collaborative interactions to enhance their understanding of subject matter. In this framework, students not only absorb knowledge from instructors but also actively contribute to each other's learning processes. Peer interaction plays a pivotal role in knowledge acquisition and application, creating a dynamic learning environment where students grow together.


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