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November 20, 2023

GIIS SMART Campus stars steal the spotlight at GEMPAK VAGANZA 2023

In a spectacular showcase of talent and innovation, GIIS SMART Campus students left an indelible mark at GEMPAK VAGANZA 2023 hosted at GIIS Kuala Lumpur. Students from GIIS SMART Campus Singapore achieved feats in a diverse array of events, ranging from dance to technology and creativity.

In the Anugerah (Senior) category, our students captivated the audience with a breathtaking fusion of Chinese, Malay, and Indian dance forms, securing the Bronze. On the other hand, the Super Senior students stole the show with a dynamic Hip Hop performance, earning them the coveted Gold.

In the Techbiz (Senior) category, the students unveiled groundbreaking solar-powered residential batteries for energy independence, clinching Gold. Additionally, in the Super Senior category, they presented a community-focused internet kiosk, securing another Gold. The Satirical Comedy play (Senior) provided both humour and social commentary, resulting in a well-deserved Gold medal. The Numerical Ninja (Senior) challenge tested mental agility through an exhilarating online quiz.

In the Rentak Attack (Super Senior) category, SMART Campus students with classical violin explored cinematic music, earning a commendable Silver. The Live Colours (Senior) category delivered a powerful environmental message through still-life art, earning a Bronze.

Adding to the triumph, students from the SMART Campus primary department too achieved several feats showcasing their prowess in multiple fields. Adding to the accolades, Aashvi Mehrotra from CBSE 3B secured a Gold in the Anugerah Dance (Junior) category with her enchanting portrayal in "Enchanted Dreams," a fantasy-themed dance competition. Similarly, Mishika Tiwari from CBSE 5C celebrated a Gold in Rentak Attack - Beat and Rhythm (Junior), infusing creativity into the Rock and Roll-themed individual singing competition.

GEMPAK VAGANZA 2023 was not merely an event; it stood as a testament to the extraordinary creativity and exceptional skills of the GIIS students, setting the stage for an even brighter future. This triumph also exemplifies the school’s commitment to fostering holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals.


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