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February 05, 2020

GIIS India campuses celebrate Ramanujan Week with great respect and admiration for maths

"An Equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God." - Srinivasa Ramanujan

GIIS India campuses celebrated 132nd birth anniversary of renowned Indian mathematician, Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar with full zeal and enthusiasm. The birthday of the famous mathematician was on 22nd December which is marked as 'National Mathematics Day'. GIIS students were told about the life and the amazing findings of most infamous and respected mathematician of India - Srinivasa Ramanujan, who has gifted so many substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, continued fractions and solutions to the mathematical problems that seemed unsolvable by other genius of those times.

Students of GIIS Ahmedabad participated in quizzes, puzzle solving sessions and exhibitions. Students made presentation on practical applications of mathematical concept in daily life. They showcased their Math skills through puzzles, games, projects and models during Ramanujan week. A Math exhibition was held by students in which they presented models on various topics like Mathematics in nature, Mathematics in architecture, Pascal’s triangle, and Vedic Mathematics. Such innovate and organized activities make mathematical concepts easier to understand and make it a joyous experience for students.

GIIS Noida students were enthusiastic to explore the world of math with a lot of creative activities and games to help them understand the significance of math in their day to day life.  The activities for Grades 1-8 comprised of combined activity with Maths and IT Model of Computer using shapes,  time activity using paint, model making of clock, drawing Abacus in M S Paint, Angles activity using PowerPoint, board games, scratch games and creating animation in Pivot animator. Students of Grade 6-8 participated in the quiz very enthusiastically and seemed to be eager to answer the questions asked to them.

In GIIS Whitefield, the Math week was informative as students explored more about Mr Ramanujan and presented their views to their respective teacher. There was a math proficiency test for all the classes with many tricky questions for the young mathematicians. Various class activities were conducted like derivation of area of a circle using circumference of the circle and area of a parallelogram to develop child’s critical thinking. There were class activities related to measurement and time, area and perimeter and also on shapes and patterns. Senior grade students shared their experience of watching the movie 'The man who knew Infinity' - A British Biographical drama on Indian Mathematician S Ramanujan.

GIIS Bannerghatta students from Grade 1 to 4 participated in many activities based on time, money, measurement of class in metres and calculating the perimeter of the play-ground. The students gave the Math Proficiency test and inter-class quiz for all the levels.

GIIS Balewadi students presented a special assembly where they discussed about the achievements and life history of Ramanujan. Students from Grades 1 to 9 attended the assembly. A Maths Proficiency test was conducted on the 21st December and students from Grades 1 to 9 participated in the test. There were multiple choice questions and the students participated in the test with much excitement.

In GIIS Hadapsar, there was a special assembly, interactive activity-based sessions were organized for students on various topics like Mathematics in nature, Mathematics in architecture, amazing facts on Mathematics and the terms used in mathematics. There was an Open quiz competition wherein the students were asked question on the basis of the topics discussed in the assembly to understand their learning outcomes. The young learners from primary classes 1 to 3 learnt about traditional mathematical with the help of riddle given to them. The students of Grade 6 prepared and presented a power point presentation on the topics covered in the class as a recapitulation of the topic as well as learning mathematics through technology and boosting their stage confidence.

The students of GIIS Surat participated in the Aryabhatt Ganit challenge and the Math proficiency test. The activities for Math Week included construction of tangent from exterior point  by folding paper, angle sum property of a triangle, multiplication of binomial by a binomial using algebra tile and  understanding the properties of types of quadrilaterals.

As part of Global Student Exchange programme, the Inter-GIIS Math Quiz was hosted by Whitefield Bangalore campus for two categories. The first one was for Grades 4-6 which was attended by five GIIS campuses - Surat, Ahmedabad, Balewadi, Hadapsar, and Noida.  In the second category Grades 7-9 from GIIS Surat, Ahmedabad, Balewadi, and Noida campuses had participated. The questions of the quiz were interesting and challenging and was acclaimed by one and all.

The results were as follows:

 Category 1 (Grade 4-6)  Category 2 (Grade 7-9)
 GIIS Noida - 1st
 GIIS Ahmedabad - 2nd
 GIIS Surat - 3rd
 GIIS Hadapsar - 3rd
 GIIS Balewadi - 4th
 GIIS Noida - 1st
 GIIS Ahmedabad - 2nd
 GIIS Surat - 3rd
 GIIS Balewadi - 4th

Ramanujan Week consisted of an array of interesting activities and competitions that were truly engaging. At the same time a proud moment to know more about Ramanujan, one of the greatest mathematicians and definitely an inspiration to the young aspiring mathematicians of today.

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