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May 07, 2022

Fun-filled Mother’s Day celebration by CBSE primary students at SMART Campus

SMART Campus CBSE Grade 1 to 5 students celebrated Mother’s Day with numerous exciting games and fun-filled activities on May 5, 2022. The theme for the occasion was ‘Twinning with Mom’ for which the students came dressed up in similar outfits as their mothers.


Chinese Whispers, Pictionary, art and craft activities, story-telling, and dance sessions are some of the games and fun sessions conducted during the day, wherein the students along with their mothers enthusiastically participated.


After the activities were over, the students excitedly showed their classes and co-curricular studios to their mothers. The students expressed their love and gratitude towards their mothers through heart-warming messages written in their classrooms and beautifully designed cards.


The school has always believed in inculcating good moral values in its students through its holistic learning approach and events like this help groom the young learners to be strong, compassionate, and virtuous individuals.   

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