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December 09, 2018

Finest speakers of GIIS showcase their abilities at RWCC Transformation Turncoat 2018


By Anusha Banninthaya, GIIS SMART Campus Journalism Club, 10 IG D

SINGAPORE, 6 DECEMBER, 2018: The much-talented orators of various GIIS campuses worldwide had the opportunity to display their mind-bending skills at 'Transformation Turncoat' debate contest at the RWCC 2018 conducted at the SMART Campus. The orators shared a wide range of unique and relevant information with the audience on the topic ‘using technology for next-generation learning’.

The debate contest at RWCC was in the extempore format where students were given topics 15 minutes before their speeches so that they can showcase their impromptu skills. Some of the great ideas shared by our speakers were - creativity is known to be the ability to craft ideas into bigger and crafting ideas from scratch is what leads to professionalism.

The internet was a topic largely debated upon as it is said to hone our ability to gather information and broaden our perspectives, and on the other hand can also be a burden to our lives by limiting us from going an extra mile to gather information. The topic of social media was also debated as it can generate negative competition among peers which can lead to abysmal psychological effects and on the other side can also help build a social network to prevent isolation.

The speakers also touched upon the topics of globalization and how Artificial Intelligence and Virtual learning breaks down the boundaries of knowledge. Some great points that emerged out of the discussion were - one should make sure to retain their imagination and not completely rely on virtual learning and AI and education through technology have ignited a passion for learning as it guarantees success in the long run.

The view on technology in education suggested that one of the cons of technology is that it destroys the traditional methods of using a pen and paper for learning. Also, it leads to plagiarism for completing assignments which prevent the holistic development of students. Excess accessibility of technology has caused an imbalance in the world as our common-sense skills have started to dwindle, implying that our energy is being spent in the wrong direction.

After a great exchange of ideas, the discussion came to an end and we gathered loads of crucial information while being a part of the audience.

We realised that technology has assimilated into our lives and we need to make use of and appreciate all the positive aspects it brings to the table for us, and discourage its negative use.

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