January 09, 2020

Farmer’s market organised by Green Ambassadors receives tremendous response

The Green Ambassadors of GIIS SMART Campus took another step towards fulfilling their pledge to raise awareness on sustainability by organising a farmer’s market selling hand-grown vegetables at the school’s cafeteria.

A total collection of $120 was made from the sale of the fresh produce.

The cafeteria at level 3 looked exactly like a farmer’s market as students laid down boxes full of green veggies like Kale, Lettuce, Rocket Leaves and Spinach, open for sale. A large number of students, staff and teachers thronged the stall to buy organically grown vegetables as the students enthusiastically explained the whole process of growing these plants at the Social Innovation Park.

The Green Ambassadors from Grade 8 attended the Mindful Farming session in November at Social innovation Park and planted 132 pots with various green vegetables. The plants were nurtured at the farm of the Social Innovation Park till they were ready to be harvested. The students visited the farm to harvest the plants and planned the sale in the school’s cafeteria.

As reported by the teacher in charge Ms Jagriti Mehta, the collection of $120 from the sale of fresh produce will be used for further similar exercises.

Social Innovation Park is a non-profit organisation that aims to build a global community of socially responsible and mindful leadership. GIIS is associated with the Social Innovation Park and our students are part of such initiatives that contribute to sustainable practices and awareness.

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