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March 03, 2021

Exhibition by little stars of SMART Campus

One of the 9 GEMS of GIIS is creativity, innovation and problem-solving. In line with this, Grade 2 CBSE students showcased a mini science exhibition on 19 February 2020.

The theme of the exhibition was “Our Little Universe”. The students were engaged in project-based learning as they displayed a plethora of projects based on the Universe. The students were very creative in making their projects. They made Comets with plastic covers & chocolate wrappers and Galaxies by using glitter and chart paper. 

The students displayed their innovative and creative personality with their experiments and projects. They made working models of satellites, phases of the moon, eclipse and constellations. 

The students kept their audience captivated as they exhibited their work and showed confidence while explaining to other students and teachers about the various scientific principles involved in their models. 

The photos of the exhibition can be found here.




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