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June 14, 2024

Empathy in Action: GIIS students spread joy with Project Sunny Side Up

On May 25, the students of the Red Cross Youth GIIS Chapter hosted Project Sunny Side Up at the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) Centre, in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation. This initiative aimed to bring joy to breast cancer patients and survivors by providing emotional support, enhancing their well-being, and fostering social connections within our community through activities organised with the members of the GIIS Music Club, GIIS Dance for Change, and GIIS Art Club.


The event featured a vibrant jamming session facilitated by the GIIS Music Club, where participants engaged in karaoke and bonded with fellow beneficiaries, staff, and volunteers. This hour-long session included a variety of melodies, from nostalgic tunes from the 90s to recent pop hits, and evolved into an impromptu dance session as participants moved to the music.


Following this, the GIIS Dance for Change Club led a dynamic two-hour session teaching the simple steps of the Indian traditional ‘Dandiya’ dance and popular Bollywood dance forms. This activity created a euphoric atmosphere and fostered a strong sense of connection between the Board of Directors and the cancer survivors.


The day concluded with a creative workshop hosted by the GIIS Art Club, featuring bubble art and finger painting. Guided by the Art Club’s Board of Directors, participants explored their inner artists, found their sense of self, and unleashed their creativity in a serene environment, producing beautiful artwork and illustrations.


The students of GIIS successfully organised a series of engaging and spirited sessions for the members of the Breast Cancer Foundation. The positive feedback from beneficiaries highlighted the joy and high energy embodied by the sessions. Through this collaboration, the students aim to remind these individuals that they are not alone. They hope that such initiatives will support them in exploring new interests, creating cherished memories, and rediscovering their sense of self.


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