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December 06, 2018

Digital media creations and coding skills shine at RWCC 2018


By Anbahalath Vajuravel and Aryan Sharma, GIIS Journalism Club

SINGAPORE, 6 DECEMBER, 2018: Exemplary creations by tech-savvy GIIS Students from all over the world including Japan, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Indore, Surat and Singapore were presented at Real World Challenges Convention 2018 that displayed their fluent video-editing and coding abilities.

Students of the Journalism Club were the first to witness the applications and games developed by the budding coders of the future. We were startled to see the eye-catching User Interface that had inbuilt audio and feedback integration.

The apps and games were dedicated to the development of skills in numerous school subjects (including science, math, geography, English and computer-coding) along with other fields such as GK, riddles and IQ. Particularly impressed by the time and effort that students spent on coding of the numerous graphically appealing menus.

Attractive videos were created on the theme “School is Cool” for the “AdZapp” segment and displayed to the audience. Winners from Noida and Chinchwad presented the audience with a brief, yet informative tour of their campuses. The creations were an amalgamation of imagination and learning that were displayed through cutting-edge technology in the digital SMART Classrooms. 

The ability to code and design interactive applications and effective digital skills, are rapidly becoming an integral part of society and is widely sought after in every job. Having observed the talent exhibited in the excellent platform of RWCC, it is worth the mention that the students of GIIS are undoubtedly well-equipped for upcoming technologies.

Residing in a world where technology is revolutionising career avenues, it is essential that the global citizens of tomorrow are well-equipped for 21st-century challenges. GIIS Real World Conventions Challenge (RWCC) caters to this elevated need. It provides a platform for talented students to integrate their creativity with the marvels of modern technology to showcase innovation, ingenuity and aptitude.

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