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November 10, 2023

A spectacular showcase of talent at CBSE Annual Day 2023

The highly anticipated CBSE Annual Day, themed 'Character Chronicles,' unfolded on November 3 and 4, marking an unforgettable celebration. Students from Grades 1 to 5 dazzled the audience with mesmerising dances, thought-provoking skits, and melodious songs, each grade weaving its narrative around essential life lessons.


Students from Grades 1 and 2, under the theme 'The Pandora Odyssey,' presented a dramatic skit where children separated from their parents embarked on an island exploration, encountering beloved characters like Peppa Pig and Masha and the Bear. The storyline emphasised the importance of listening to elders, teamwork, problem-solving, and mutual reliance, culminating in the powerful message that friendship and teamwork conquer adversity. Dr Catherine Ong, Director of Operations at Kids and Kins Childcare Centre, graced the show, commending the students on their outstanding performance.


Grade 3 students took the audience on a captivating journey with ‘The Tenali Express, a time-travel adventure featuring Tenali Rama, Geronimo Stilton, Mowgli, and other cherished characters. Bridging historical eras, the narrative offered a thrilling exploration of wisdom beyond time borders, complemented by foot-tapping dances and songs. Ms. Madhu Verma, Founder and Director of Design for Change Singapore, and Executive Board Member of Design for Change Global, USA, joined the audience in applauding the students.


In Enchanted Night at the Museum, Grade 4 students explored a wax museum of famous personalities, bringing statues to life for an unforgettable night of discovery. The students conveyed the powerful message that the voices of the past continue to inspire, emphasising the importance of embracing the lessons from those who shaped our world. Ms. Michelle Tay, Director (Programs and Operations) at the Singapore Kindness Movement, graced the show, highlighting GIIS's longstanding association with the movement.


Students from Grade 5 focused on the heroes within us through a tastefully written story, conveying the message that everyone has the power to make a positive impact. The students demonstrated that being a hero is about everyday choices and actions rather than extraordinary powers. Ms. Yeo Wan Ling, Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris­ Punggol Group Representation Constituency, sent a heartwarming video message, emphasising the importance of staying connected in challenging times.


These two days, woven with creativity, hard work, enthusiasm, and a few ups and downs, underscored that teamwork and collaboration pave the way for extraordinary achievements. Events like these are a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing and showcasing the skills of its students.


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