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December 12, 2019

Thinking Thursday activity for PP & Grade 2

Thinking Thursday activities at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida are curriculum enhancing techniques that allows students to understand the concepts that happen around us. Students are engaged in activities twice a month to enable them to reason and analyse phenomenon happening around them.

Fire-Water Balloon Bursting

KG students from the school were engaged in a balloon bursting activity that taught them about the relationship between water, heat, and capacity of thermal heating. Students were able to predict what happens to a balloon (with air and water) when it comes near the flame.

The teacher used one balloon with air and another with water to demonstrate the activity that was carried out with a lit candle placed in the centre of the table. Teachers along with the kids held both the balloons one after the other to see which one bursts and takes the most time.

Water changes its states

Students from Grade 2 determined whether various objects sink or float in water as a part of the Thinking Thursday activity. This activity encouraged the kids to observe some objects sink and some float i.e. observe the consistency in the way objects behave.

The activity helped students devise their ideas about physical properties describe and categorize objects basis on their knowledge.

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