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April 08, 2020

Students start new term with Virtual Classrooms

GIIS Noida has activated Virtual Classroom sessions for all the grades as the school opened for the new term on 6th April amidst the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. More than a hundred parents received information on the Virtual Classroom facility during a webinar that received an overwhelming response from the parent community.

Students from Kindergarten to Garde 12 are joining virtual lessons conducted by teachers through video-conferencing technology. They are using their home-based smart devices to connect to virtual lessons and join the interactive sessions where teachers are conducting subject-wise lessons.

During the interactive Virtual Classrooms, students can listen to the teacher, respond to questions, be heard by the rest of the participants and also write on the whiteboard.

The school has prepared a time table for each class which is put on myGIIS, the internal communication app for parents and students, along with details like link, username and password required to connect to the Virtual Classroom sessions. There is a dedicated helpdesk to assist the students in connecting to Virtual Classroom sessions and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

Watch the video for the webinar conducted on Virtual Classrooms to know more about the sessions.

The initiative by GIIS to offer Virtual Classroom sessions received a very positive response from the parent community who think that the step is hugely benefitting the children in starting their new term in a timely manner irrespective of the lockdown due to COVID-19. A parent said, “the school has done a tremendous job in creating an online facility and communications around it. I want to give kudos to the school for these efforts.”

Virtual Classrooms are easy to join and can simply work on any smart device. Watch this video to see how simple it is to participate in a virtual learning session:

The futuristic vision of GSF schools has made it possible for GIIS campuses all over the world to switch to Virtual Classrooms and start the new term irrespective of the fact that the students cannot physically come to the school due to lockdown. According to Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman of Global Schools Foundation, “education should be seamless and to make it possible our schools have totally adopted Virtual Classrooms across its campuses getting its entire 15,000 cohorts onboard this new way of schooling”.

By pioneering virtual learning, GIIS has taken a strategic step towards delivering education online at the time when COVID-19 is causing large-scale disruptions in the education sector as well. 

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