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October 10, 2019

RWCC fervour begins with Quality Circle Presentation (QCP) for GIIS India campuses

September 2019 witnessed excitement and curiosity as one of the most awaited competitions of the year RWCC (Real World Challenges Convention) began its prelim round for the Inter-GIIS Quality Circle Presentation category. It was conducted as a part of the Global Student Exchange (GSE) programme that keeps happening every month for all the students across globe.

Quality Circle Presentation (QCP) is a small group activity where volunteers group together to identify, define, analyze, and solve a particular problem. It can have about 6-8 members per team who discuss and define the course of action that must be taken to solve the encountered problem. QCP is extremely beneficial for the students as it teaches them to work in a group in harmony, improves their communication, and works on their leadership development qualities. It is a team building exercise that not only brings self discipline among students but also enhances their problem solving capabilities.

The event was hosted by GIIS Bangalore having participations from GIIS Whitefield (Bengaluru), Noida and Ahmedabad. The event was witnessed by students from other GIIS India campuses at Bannerghatta (Bengaluru), Balewadi (Pune), Uppal (Hyderabad) and Hadapsar (Pune). It was graced by the revered and renowned judges Mr. Rathin Khandhadia - Associate Director, Global Centre of Education Excellence and Ms. Sandhya Shivaprasad - Head of Training (Teacher Training Foundation, Bangalore)

The event commenced with the welcoming of the judges and introduction of the campuses. GIIS Noida from the secondary category was the first to present their QCP. Their presentation was based on E-Waste and its adverse effects on the environment. They stood out in their selection of topics and received positive reviews from the judges and the principals. This was followed by the presentation by GIIS Ahmedabad on their selected topic. Finally, GIIS Whitefield (Bengaluru) presented on the topic "Obstacles faced in the implementation of modern learning tools in Education." The students clearly brought out the problem in the implementation with the utilization of the tool "Blended learning". All the three teams adroitly made use of surveys, diagrams, charts and statistics to represent their findings and research.

We then moved onto the Middle School category where the same order of presentation was followed. Team Noida went first giving an elaborate account on their topic ‘Cyber Bullying in schools’ with teams from GIIS Ahmedabad and Whitefield (Bengaluru) campuses in sequence. Team Whitefield (Bengaluru) was the last to present their topic. All the teams received constructive feedbacks from the judges to enhance their take which the participants took positively. Then followed great enthusiasm as the results were announced. Silence followed and all the participants hoped their school would win to qualify for RWCC finals to be held in December 2019 in GIIS SMART Campus, Singapore.

Results were announced and the winners were congratulated. Let’s have a look at the overall results:

Category Name of Campus Position
Secondary GIIS Whitefield (Bengaluru) 1st
GIIS Noida 2nd
Middle School GIIS Whitefield (Bengaluru) 1st
GIIS Ahmedabad 2nd

Overall it was an enriching experience for all the participants. The event ended on a high note. On behalf of GIIS Whitefield (Bengaluru) we congratulate all the winners and participants for their accomplishments.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for the final round that will be conducted in the GIIS Smart Campus, Punggol, Singapore, where winning teams from each country will compete for the wining title. Teams from GIIS India are geared up!!

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