October 19, 2018

RWCC 2018, Quality Circle Presentation (QCP) - India finalists announced

INDIA, 12 OCTOBER, 2018 - It’s that time of the year when Global Indian International School (GIIS) students gear up for the Real World Challenges Convention (RWCC), finale of which is happening at the all new GIIS SMART Campus - Punggol, Singapore this time on 5th Dec 2018.

Students from all GIIS campuses are set to come together to learn and experience the “Technology for NextGen Learning” through a plethora of activity based competitions. These competitions will allow our students to come up with extra ordinary ideas and solutions that benefit not just the IT world but the environment too. Just like we focus on holistic development, this event will be holistic in approach too and will be gearing up the students to make them future ready.

Recently, Quality circle presentation’s (QCP) national round was conducted in which students from the five GIIS India campuses i.e. Noida, Indore, Ahmedabad, Chinchwad and Surat participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The competition was open for Middle School (MS) and Secondary School (SS) i.e. grades 6-8 and 9-10 respectively. Students had to choose a common problem within their community or area and come up with an in-depth analyses along with appropriate ways of solving it.

The competition was judged by eminent personalities from various backgrounds, including information technology, civil engineering, education, management, etc. and evaluated students’ presentations on the viability of the topic, quality of the content, reasoning abilities, and the solution proposed. The topics chosen by the students included issues of global concerns like food wastage, tackling gaming addiction among teenagers and youth, body shamming, controlling land pollution.

The solutions they provided were applaud worthy as one cannot imagine the farsightedness of these young minds with which they proposed to solve issues of national concerns. The presentation gave our judges a tough fight to pick and choose positions among the bunch of such fantastic participants.

Let's have a look at the result board:

 Middle School (MS) Category
 Campus Name  Ahmedabad  Noida
 Position held  1st  2nd
 Secondary School (SS) Category
 Campus Name  Ahmedabad  Chinchwad  Noida  Surat  Indore
 Position held  1st  1st  2nd  3rd  4th

A big congratulations to all the winners and participants from GIIS India campuses. Wishing all the finalists good luck for the finale to be held in Singapore in December. May this year bring even more glories and laurels back home.


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