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August 25, 2018

Lt. Col. Sharma encourages students to face challenges in life


NOIDA, 21 AUGUST, 2018 - Someone rightly said that leaders are not born, they are created. Leadership is one aspect that comes naturally to Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida students.

The conclusion of the Investiture ceremony gave us a new student body of the school. To motivate and encourage students, an encouraging session on how to face challenges in life was held by Lt. Col. Shardool Sharma (Indian Armed Forces) part of the Leadership Lecture Series (LLS).

As the new office bearers were bestowed with new positions and responsibilities, a session on leadership was a good start to make them aware of the virtues like discipline, courage, team-work, honesty, diligence and perseverance.

The session stimulated new student council members, teachers, parents and the whole audience to examine their deepest thoughts as it revolved around the basic principle of "You will achieve what you believe, thus a believer today will become an achiever tomorrow". These ideals were explained by Lt. Col. Shardool Sharma by showing illustrations and taking instances from our day to day life, from fables & stories and from poetry & fiction.

The session talked about how one should try to strike a balance between choices, aspirations and time, and was summed up by the Colonel mentioning the most important traits of a leader. "A true leader does not dictate to make people follow him but make everyone believes in him", the session ended with this thought provoking message by Colonel after which the New Student Council got the privilege of getting a picture clicked with the Chief Guest and the esteemed Principal Sir, Mr. Ganesh Sharma.

We hope that our students perform their duties with utmost sincerity and devotion and serve for the greater good of humanity.

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