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April 30, 2022

International Safety Week at GIIS Noida promote safe practices at work, home and on roads

Safety Day is observed every year on 28th April to raise awareness on safety protocols that must be followed by individuals on roads, environment, health and workplaces. The prime objective of this year’s celebrations was to raise awareness on the importance of safety and security at workplace.

To acquaint the students from the primary wing i.e. Grades 2-5, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida conducted various activities that made students familiar with the idea. All students across the segment were sensitized on topic using a power point presentation. Grades 2 students made a poster on the topic “What traffic lights say?” They showed their reflection of thoughts by designing a poster on the given theme. Grade 3 students on the other hand made a poster on the Do’s and Don’ts in classroom as learnt during their daily classes in the school.

Grade 4 and 5 made a poster on the topic: ‘Road Safety signs’ and got to learn about the signs and their importance while driving and travelling on road. Lastly, Grade 5 students made a poster on topic - Netiquette and Cyber Safety. They understood and got aware about the requirement of cyber safety and even learned various ways of being safe while using internet. 

The purpose of engaging each and every child was to reinforce the concept of everyone’s safety and security at all times so that they get an opportunity to grow and thrive in an environment conducive to their physical and mental wellbeing.


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