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August 29, 2018

Inter-GIIS Digital Collage Making competition on India of my dreams; promoting cross campus community development


NOIDA, 14 AUGUST, 2018 - Being independent is not about freedom; it's about utilizing the hard earned freedom and protecting it till one's last breath. Students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) campuses across India celebrated Independence Day together as they witnessed freedom of creativity and innovation take new shapes.

An inter-GIIS Digital Collage making competition was organized for students of grades 6-12 of GIIS Noida, Surat, Indore, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Balewadi. There were two categories i.e. for Grades 6-8 and 9-12; each school had to share two entries per category on the topic "India of my dreams". Students had to depict their ideas in form of a digital collage which was an amalgamation of their imagination and vision of what India should be in the coming years.

This inter-GIIS competition was hosted by GIIS Noida and all the participating campuses were connected through video conferencing; beginning with the competition, Mr. Ganesh Sharma- Principal, GIIS Noida while welcoming all the school principals, teams, and the esteemed judges stated that, "competitions like these give our students a platform to engage and come up with creative inventions; they are able to share their knowledge with each other in so many ways which ultimately helps in their holistic development."

The event was anchored by Khushi (grade 9) and Parishkrit Prashar (grade 8) of GIIS Noida; Priyamvada Sinha (grade 9) shared a brief history on India's freedom struggle and urged everyone to take the oath of becoming responsible citizens of the country.

Kicking off the presentation, work by each participating team (category A&B) was shown to everyone present and connected. Some breath-taking master pieces created by the students were shared that left everyone mesmerized. It was a difficult task for the judges to choose the winners out of the amazing display of creativity.

The judges for the event were Mr. Manoj Misran - Director IT, TCS and Mr. Govind Singh, working with EXL. Mr. Rajiv Bansal - Director Operations, GIIS India along with Ms. Vaishali Borde - Co-scholastics Head, GIIS India and Ms. Sunita Jaisingh - Academic Head, GIIS India graced the occasion with their presence.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Jaisingh said, "It was a pleasure to see creativity and innovation reach a mark of excellence; the efforts students have put in and the way they have portrayed their vision of future India is commendable."

Soon after, final results were declared. Category A (grades 6-8) winners were Team 1 of GIIS Ahmedabad and Team 2 of GIIS Balewadi, Pune campus. 2nd spot was shared by Team 2 of GIIS Noida and Surat, and 3rd spot was bagged by Team 1 of GIIS Bangalore.

Category B (grades 9-12) winners were Team 1 of GIIS Bangalore, 2nd spot was bagged by Team 1 of GIIS Ahmedabad, and 3rd spot was bagged by Team 1 of GIIS Surat respectively.

The objective of engaging students in global student exchange programmes is to allow them to think differently and be able come with solutions by using multifaceted approach. Such competitions encourage students to take initiatives and evolve as responsible citizens of the country. They are able to empathize more with the social circumstances within a community/country and its people.

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