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December 04, 2019

GIIS India students gear up for the RWCC Finale 2019

The stage is set and students from GIIS campuses in India are ready to showcase their talents at the finale of the Real World Challenges Convention (RWCC) 2019 happening on 4th December, 2019 at the GIIS SMART Campus, Punggol, Singapore. Students from the India campuses will be competing with students from all GIIS campuses in Asia for on the spot category of the events.  Competition is high and so is the preparation of our students who wish to perform their absolute best.

This year's theme is all about enhancing one’s Innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial talents by participating in various events and help the students in discovering talents they haven’t explored till date.

While they are well prepared for the finale, the celebrations mode is on for GIIS India students as they have done exceptionally well in the pre-judged category of the events. Our students have outshone in events like Quality Circle Presentation (QCP), Perspective matters, Entrepreneurship Challenge, Adzapp, Appnovation, Little Mavericks, etc.

We are extremely happy to share the detailed result sheet of the pre-judged events with you all:

Smart Strokes For Young Folks Category: Lower Primary
Position Names School
Winner Yashveer Lohar GIIS Ahmedabad
2nd Runner Up Aaliya Tajani GIIS Surat
Special Mention Atiksh Goel GIIS Noida
An Educator’s Perspective: Teachers
1st Runner Up Aarti Pandita GIIS Ahmedabad
Perspective Matter: SEC Category
Winner Ayushi Sanadhya GIIS Balewadi
1st Runner Up Priyamvada Sinha GIIS Noida
2nd Runner Up Maitreyi Kapse GIIS Whitefield
Perspective Matter: Middle School Category
2nd Runner Up Ishani Chowdhury GIIS Noida
Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge: SEC Category
1st Runner Up Gaurav Nathani
Shreyansh Sharma
Harsh Choudhary
GIIS Ahmedabad
Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge: Senior Category
Winner Krushi Patel; Parina Patel; Bansari Pandya GIIS Ahmedabad
1st Runner Up Chaitra Archak; Sumiit Tripathy
Udhayan Anantha Krishnan
GIIS Whitefield
Adzapp : SEC Category
2nd Runner Up Moksh Bhatnagar; Gaurav Nathani; Shreyansh Sharma GIIS Ahmedabad
Adzap : Middle School Category
Winner Inesh Jain; Rhythima Madaan
Vedanshi Singh Rathore
GIIS Noida
2nd Runner Up Shreya Garg; Sanjana Kalyani GIIS Noida
Appnovation : Senior Category
Winner Fardeen Faisal; Chandu G GIIS Whitefield
Appnovation : SEC School
Winner Gaurav Nathani; Moksh Bhatnagar GIIS Ahmedabad
1st Runner Up Markandeya Behera; Mahin Dhoke GIIS Noida
Live it, Sketch it, Share it: SEC Category
Winner Neha Sellappan Devadas; Sanjana Vaishnavi Kalla GIIS Whitefield
2nd Runner Up Sarup V. L; Niyathi Ijjapureddy GIIS Whitefield
Live it, Sketch it, Share it: Middle School
2nd Runner Up Garv Joshi; Mrunal Rangdal GIIS Hadapsar
L’il Mavericks : Kindergarten
Winner Saanvi Agarwal; Aarambh Chaudhry; Reyansh Gupta; Anusha Agarwal; Richan Kumar GIIS Noida
1st Runner Up Nandana Vipin; Shayna Bandoghati; Ishani Amit Menon; Daksh Vineeth Shetty; Laya Vishak GIIS Whitefield
L’il Mavericks - Lower Primary
2nd Runner Up Ariha Shah; Tanha Brahmakshtriya; Paridhi Yadav; Kavya Baid; Kanisha Korat GIIS Ahmedabad
Tap into Tomorrow : Senior Category
1st Runner Up Ronit; Nehal Kaul GIIS Noida

Big congratulations to all the winners; your success has definitely set the bar and expectations high for the finale.

Best wishes to students who will be travelling to Singapore for the On-the-Spot competitions. May the best talent win!

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