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May 08, 2024

Witty International School hosts GSF’s MI4 Grand Finale: Showcasing the Best and Brightest in Innovation

Witty International School, Mumbai, successfully hosted the Grand Finale of the Global School Foundation's Make in India Innovation Initiative (MI4) at their Borivali campus. The prestigious event was aimed at providing a platform for students to showcase groundbreaking innovations and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. The event saw an overwhelming participation of over 800 students from all GSF India campuses like GIIS Ahmedabad, GIIS Pune (Hadapsar & Balewadi), OWIS Bangalore (Whitefield & Sarjapur), Glendale Academy, Glendale International School, Glendale International School, GIIS Noida, GIIS Bangalore (Bannerghatta & Whitefield), GIIS Ahmedabad, and Vikaasa Schools, Madurai.

The competition began 8 months back with 100 teams presenting their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, vying for the top spot through a series of rounds. Following several intense competitions at the campus level, 13 pioneering finalists were selected to compete in the grand finale for the prestigious GSF MI4 Champions title.

The grand finale began on a ceremonial note with the traditional lighting of lamps by the Chief Guest- Mr Rahul Deshpande, COO, GSF, and Esteemed Jury- Mr Deep Mehta, Partner at Luxor Electronics and Mr Ram Patil, Promoter & Principal Consultant at ISEEE, setting the stage together for an event filled with anticipation and excitement. The Country Director of GSF India, Mr. Ashish Tibdewal praised the students' remarkable achievements, and mentioned, “I am thrilled to witness the potential and creativity displayed at the GSF MI4 Grand Finale. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, organisers, and supporters who made this event successful.”

The event kicked off with a performance by Grade 10 students from Witty International School, Mumbai, who warmly welcomed the finalists onto the stage, setting the tone for the competition with elegance. All 13 finalist teams presented innovative ideas amidst fierce competition and compelling presentations.

We are proud to share that The Food Fortifiers from GIIS Hadapsar, Pune, with their project "Food Wise: Reducing Food Waste, Nourishing Lives," emerged victorious as the GSF MI4 Champions. The runners-up, team The Environment Enthusiasts from OWIS Sarjapur, claimed the 2nd position with their project "Eco-tech: The Ultimate Green Endeavour," followed by The Education Enablers from GIIS Ahmedabad, who made a lasting impression with their cutting-edge technology solution, Gyanrath.

The GSF MI4 Champions were congratulated and awarded by our esteemed jury and special dignitaries and further heartfelt gratitude was extended to all participating schools for their enthusiasm and dedication. 

The GSF MI4 Grand Finale was a remarkable celebration of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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