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May 02, 2024

Reflecting on a year of growth and excellence at GIIS Nagpur

Dear Parents,

As April 2024 brought along with it the conclusion of the first academic year at GIIS Smart campus, Nagpur, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to both you and your children for the dedication and hard work demonstrated throughout this academic journey. Despite its challenges, it has been a rewarding experience, and we are immensely proud of our collective achievements.

With examinations underway during the month of April 2024, our students maintained focus and determination. These assessments served as an opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and we are confident in their ability to succeed.

The year-end ceremony of the Graduation Ceremony for our K2 students, which took place on April 8, 2024, was a vibrant and celebratory event, filled with fun and joy. Each K2 student was honoured with an appreciation certificate, recognizing their efforts and achievements throughout the year. The ceremony also featured the presentation of ‘My Learning Checkpoint’, an activity with parent and their ward focusing on English, Math, Cultural Studies, Hindi, and Montessori learning outcomes, providing parents valuable insight into their child's educational journey and development.

The graduation ceremony served as a fitting conclusion to the K2 students’ educational chapter, paving the way for a promising and bright future as they transition to the next phase of their academic endeavours.

As we prepare for the conclusion of the school year, it is natural to turn our attention to the future. I want to assure you that our faculty and staff are diligently planning for the upcoming academic year, with a focus on enriching the learning experience and providing additional opportunities for growth and development.

Our gratitude for your continued support of our school community is worth mentioning; be it through volunteer efforts, event attendance, or simply staying engaged in your child's education, your involvement has been invaluable. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education and for being a part of the GIIS Nagpur family.

We wish you and your family a fantastic conclusion to the academic year and a relaxing summer break.

Warm regards,

Nidhi Gupta


GIIS Lawa, Nagpur


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