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July 20, 2018

Year 4 student rocks the Hollywood talent hunt stage


KUALA LUMPUR, 25 JULY, 2018 - Year 4 student Suyash Iain Sidhu was among the 50 children scouted by Hollywood talent agency from all around the world for the 'Hollywood's Next Star", an event by Prestige Talent L.A. 

Handpicked in December 2017, Suyash travelled to Hollywood to receive training in acting, modelling, singing and dancing. He performed before high profile Hollywood agents/managers.The training took place in the 2nd week of June with coaches like Daniel Samonas and Zak Henri. The kids were trained to present one advertisement and a 1-minute monologue each, as well as to catwalk on the ramp. Some were there to just sing or dance. 

The goal was to get “call-backs” - to have agents interested in representing you so they call you back and give you opportunities in films, TV or modelling.

On the big day, 9 agents were present, including Jerry Silverhardt, the man who discovered Tom Cruise and Gabrielle Anwar. The others were owners of well-known agencies such as Trusik Talent, the Brogan Agency and MGMT Artists. After a long day of performances (whereby all the parents got to watch too), it was time to rest and await the call back list.

Suyash got 4 call backs - one each from Jerry, Brogan, Trusik and MGMT. They were impressed by his appearance, his confidence, the way he spoke and his reading ability. They were impressed by his performance - Jerry said that when Suyash got on stage, “he owned it”. This is a testament to the skills and all rounded development that GIIS and all Suyash’s teachers who have nurtured, instilled and ignited in him.

There was a final round of meetings with the agents. Some will be sending scripts for Suyash to perform on video and send back. One even asked Suyash and his family to move to L.A for 3 months, assuming Suyash would be on a long summer break. Suyash’s experience is evidence of the all-round development provided at GIIS. Country Director Mr. Manoj Nair and Principal Mr. Harvendra Singh Khalsa appreciated Suyash for his success in Hollywood. 

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