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October 19, 2022

War on Adrenaline: GIIS KL Annual Sports Meet 2022-23

Champions are made when potential is converted into performance. “If you believe it the mind can achieve it”  with this motto GIIS KL celebrated its highly awaited Annual Sports Meet with solemnity on October 14, 2022. The event was held at the Panasonic Shah Alam National Sports Complex, Selangor, amidst great mirth and verve under the guidance of our respected Principal, Captain Dr. Dinisha Bhardwaj with the arrival of the Country Director, Mr.Manoj Nair, for the occasion.

The School Captain, Anugrah Jayaprakash extended a formal welcome to the guests, brought on by the hoisting of the National flag of Malaysia. The program commenced further with the March Past and followed up with Oath taking Ceremony by the Sports Captain, Jnanadyuti Patra. The Sports Meet was declared open by Mr. Manoj Nair which entailed the release of birds, to mark the expression of a free spirit.

The students accomplished an impressive feat by competing individually and as a team, in competition with each other for representing their house in events. Aerobics, Taekwondo, and Cheerleading involved mass student participation which splattered on the field, a riot of hues and vibrance.

The track events held included 400m, 100m, and relay races by the primary and secondary students of CBSE as well as Cambridge. The winners were presented with medals and trophies.

The occasion concluded with the parent’s event and prize distribution. The Hibiscus house was declared the overall champion and managed to seize the opportunity by continuing the six-year winning streak followed by Chrysanthemum and Orchid.

The annual sports day event represents Gem 2 (Sports Excellence) of the GIIS Holistic Education Framework. School sports are foundational activities for students, which can help build physical strength, mental toughness, character, and collaborative nature. Events like these truly depict how GIIS encourages its students to explore their talent in different areas and grow beyond classroom learning.

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