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Kuala Lumpur
February 14, 2024

Train Ride to the Future: R2P Sparks STEM Passion at GIIS KL

Imagine a classroom where the magic of science meets the power of trains. That's exactly what happened when r2p Malaysia's Inspiration program rolled into Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur (GIIS KL).

The program was an exploration into the fascinating world of STEM, specifically geared towards grades 9-12. Five r2p Malaysia representatives, each a champion in their field, served as conductors on this exciting adventure. Mr. Hazwan, a 3D modeling whiz, painted a vivid picture of the diverse career paths hidden within the "communication station." He wasn't just talking about engineers; he opened the door to graphic designers, animators, and even the coders who make it all tick. And the best part? He shared the roadmap to get there, empowering students to chart their own course.

Ms. Ashwinika, a railway engineering rockstar, took the students on a deep dive into the inner workings of trains. But it wasn't just about the tech; Ms. Ashwinika's passion for her work was contagious, igniting a spark of curiosity in the young minds aboard.

The journey wasn't one-way. A lively Q&A session saw students eagerly asking questions, their enthusiasm fueled by the r2p team's insightful answers. This wasn't just about learning facts; it was about exchanging ideas, exploring possibilities, and cultivating critical thinking skills.

GIIS KL Principal, Ms. Dipti Joshna, emphasized how such programs help students blossom into well-rounded individuals, nurturing their personality, innovation, and creativity. This aligns perfectly with the school's 9GEMS Holistic Education Framework, specifically Gem 4 Personality Development and Gem 5 Innovation and Creativity, as well as the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 9 for Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

This program also helped promote the school's brand, showcasing its commitment to providing a cutting-edge STEM education. It's a win-win for everyone: students gain exposure to exciting careers, the school strengthens its reputation, and r2p Malaysia contributes to a brighter future filled with innovation and industry leaders.

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