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November 22, 2018

The Festival of Light comes alive at our Campus


KUALA LUMPUR, 13 NOVEMBER, 2018 - The celebration of Diwali also known as the "the festival of lights", came alive on 13th November at GIIS Cambridge Kuala Lumpur Campus as the whole school wore a festive look as the teachers and students had come to school dressed in traditional attire. The special assembly was held in the auditorium with peacock feathers, colourful diyas and lanterns adorning the stage of the school.

The students of Year 5 hosted the assembly and they performed a role play to create an atmosphere of auspicious to celebrate the spirit of Diwali. During Diwali houses are spotlessly cleaned, decorated with candles and colourful lights. Huge firework displays are held while families feast and share gifts. This was evident in the play.

Students of Year 8 danced away to a Diwali song that had the audience sway to the music. The Year 7 students proved that music and singing can be performed by anyone and everyone by flawlessly rendering the Diwali version songs and dances. Not to be left behind the students of Year 9 spoke about the significance of the festival in 4 different languages. The emcees of the event, Keshnee and Jayshiv of Year 11 were commendable.

Students of all nationalities and religions had come dressed in their traditional attire and hence the spirit of unity was evident in the campus.

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