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August 24, 2018

Students score well in IGCSE exams


KUALA LUMPUR, 23 AUGUST, 2018 - GIIS KL Cambridge has a reason to smile again. The much anticipated IGCSE results have been declared and it is a proud moment with 73% of students scooping grades A*-B. Eleven students appeared for the IGCSE Examinations held from March till June 2018 and have done exceptionally well. The effort and hard work of the students combined with the effective results-yielding approach of the dedicated teachers has proven that nothing is impossible to achieve.

Key Highlights:

More than 40% are in Grade A* and A:

 Grade  %
 A*  16%
 A  28%

High Scoring Subject Average:

 Subject  %
 Malay  83
 Biology  81
 Physics  81
 Mathematics  80
 Accounting  80

The highlights of our school pride will be Student Toppers who produced marvelous results through absolute hard work and by our devoted team of teaching staff.

School Toppers:

 Name  Grade  %
 Davin Singh Gendeh  6A* + 1A  87
 Karu Ashwin  3A* + 2A  82

This year's IGCSE examination results once again proved the school's focus on producing outstanding academic scores in decisive examinations. With these remarkable results, the students are leaving us determined to make the world a better place. We are extremely proud of their determination and achievement!

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