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August 23, 2018

Students make it to the TOP 20 in Science Discovery Challenge!


KUALA LUMPUR, 23 AUGUST, 2018: Three students from GIIS Kuala Lumpur were awarded the certificate of excellence in the IMU Science Discovery Challenge 2018, a nationwide inter-school Quiz Competition which is organised by International Medical University (IMU).

Rishi Kabra from Class 12, Muskan and Rachit Bhatia Class 10 were chosen in the Top 20 teams and were awarded with the certificate. The three were selected for the semi-final around from 72 teams from around 500 schools in Malaysia. The semis were held in IMU campus on 14 July, during which teams had to solve MCQ questions.  Participants are assessed on the basis of both time and accuracy of the test. 

The quiz consisted of questions that assess the students' understanding in the fields of science, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

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