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June 11, 2024

Standard 6 Unlocks Secrets to Wellbeing: Health & Hygiene Workshop

The Multimedia Room at GIIS KL thrummed with excitement during the Health and Hygiene Workshop on the 24th of May. Standard  6 students transformed into enthusiastic learners, eager to unlock the secrets to feeling fantastic every day!

The interactive workshop featured a captivating presentation followed by a lively discussion session. Topics like practices for good physical and mental health, along with the importance of hygiene, took center stage. Students actively participated, sharing ideas and asking insightful questions.

Discussions on good health were complemented by interactive activities aimed to engage students and make learning fun. The workshop empowered them with practical tips for maintaining good hygiene and well-being. 

This focus on hygiene aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for good health, clean water, and strong communities, creating a healthier learning environment for everyone. It also aligned with the 9GEMS holistic approach that GIIS KL adopted, especially Gem 4: Personality Development, Gem 7: Universal Values and Ethics, and Gem 8: Community and Care.

The workshop concluded with an inspiring speech from our Principal, Ms. Dipti Joshna, leaving students motivated to make healthy choices a lifelong habit.

This successful workshop empowered students to take charge of their well-being, reinforced the importance of good hygiene and mental health, and promoted a positive and healthy school environment. We're incredibly proud of our Standard 6 students for their enthusiastic participation! This workshop is a stepping stone towards building a generation of health-conscious individuals.


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