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Kuala Lumpur
October 04, 2021

Muhammad Ali: Presentation by Class 12C

Kuala Lumpur- 4 October 2021- : Students of class 12C as part of their school activity made an informative power point presentation (PPT) on their class name, the famous legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. It is a wonderful way to enlighten the students of GIIS about some legendary personalities. Led by Siddhant Taneja, his 12 C peers enthusiastically contributed equally to the making of the PPT. The whole class was divided into different groups and each of the groups were given different aspects of his life to research about and put it together in the PPT.

Muhammad Ali, the wonderful and professional boxer, shattered the confidences of everyone who entered the ring to face him. With astonishing techniques and strategies, he was frequently ranked as the ‘best heavyweight boxer of all time’. He used to break down the confidence of his opponents with his “rash talk”, something which every sportsman does. His main mantra was “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see.” This was what made him an extraordinary boxer. Now you see me, now you don't. His interesting personal life, childhood, training and boxing career certainly are quite inspiring and motivates everyone to carry on their life with hard work and dedication towards what they do.

Well put together and in a sequential order this PPT is illuminating and spreads wisdom in its own way. With moral messages and influential features of his life, one can truly admire the path he paved for his rise to boxing stardom. Ali's place in boxing history is irreplaceable, he still lives in the hearts of his numerous fans worldwide. This makes him immortal, even in his death. His final record of 56 wins and 5 losses with 37 knockouts has been broken but the quality, and techniques could never be substituted by any other player.

“I really like learning about his history and how he rose to stardom. His training and hard work has inspired me to do more in life.”, says Shrinithi, a student of the class. This activity surely must have been an inspiring, fun and educational one for the students who have made this wonderful PPT for everyone to see. They take pride in their class name, Muhammad Ali, and hope that everyone who sees this PPT learns something great and also appreciates Muhammad Ali, the legend for all he did in his life.












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