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Kuala Lumpur
February 12, 2021

GIIS Malaysia student is the new Miss India 2020

GIIS student Manasa Varanasi was crowned the winner of Femina Miss India World 2020 yesterday. Her achievement has made the school and her teachers proud.

The Telangana girl completed her Grade 10 from Malaysian campus of GIIS in batch 2011-12. She is an engineer by profession and currently works as a financial information analyst. 

Teachers remember Manasa as a simple and reserved young girl with a creative streak and helpful personality. They recalled how she was always full of ideas, was an excellent student of French and other subjects. She loved reading and public speaking, which is why she was able to achieve this feat, her teachers recalled.

When in school she was a member of the interact club, and participated in many other school activities like sports, art etc.

"The school is proud of her achievement. We wish her all the best in her life," current principal Capt Dinisha Bhardwaj said. 



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