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Kuala Lumpur
February 27, 2024

GIIS KL Students Shine at Vibrant Chinese New Year Celebration

GIIS KL roared into the Year of the Dragon with a celebration that was anything but ordinary! Instead of fire-breathing beasts, our incredible students, a united front of talent, brought the real heat with a dazzling showcase of performances that would make even the mythical dragon do a happy jig.

Wise words from our CBSE grade 7 student, Sara Thomas, set the stage with insightful details on Chinese New Year traditions. The audience was then transported to a joyous realm by a melodious choir performance by grade 6 students. Cambridge students from year  2 and 5 then enchanted the crowd with the history of Chinese New Year. The audience was further entertained by the singing and synchronised dance moves that painted a picture of cultural harmony.

The fun didn't stop there! Another choir performance filled the air with even more beautiful melodies, followed by a graceful "Ribbon Dance" that flowed like a river of good fortune. Our talented CBSE students weren't just singers and dancers; they were storytellers, bringing the spirit of the Dragon to life with every move and note.

Our beloved Principal, Ms. Dipti Joshna, led the "Prosperity Toss," showering everyone with good fortune and sweet candies. Oranges and sweets were exchanged, symbolising the sweetness of togetherness and the joy of celebrating our differences. It was a fun-filled, uplifting experience that reminded us all of the power of community and shared joy.

Cambridge students continued the celebration with a variety of activities, like colouring, creating greeting cards, making lanterns, exchanging red envelopes, participating in language exchange, practising calligraphy, performing fan dances, and showcasing their piano skills. All students were committed to giving their best for all activities.

On days like this, our students, whether Cambridge or CBSE, stand committed to entertaining and bringing the event to a successful conclusion. This year's Chinese New Year celebration exemplifies the effectiveness of our GEM7, the Universal Values and Ethics, one of the 9GEMS Holistic Framework principles.

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