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Kuala Lumpur
June 08, 2024

GIIS KL Students Raise Awareness on Fish Migration and Clean Rivers

To celebrate World Fish Migration Day, which takes place annually on May 25th, students of Standard 8B at GIIS KL impressed the audience with a captivating assembly on fish migration. This global awareness day highlights the importance of healthy rivers and the vital role migratory fish play in the ecosystem.

The assembly commenced with a traditional opening, featuring the Malaysian National Anthem, a prayer, and a thought for the day. To set a lively tone, students presented an energetic dance performance that engaged the audience.


Following the dance, the focus transitioned to the topic of fish migration. Using informative charts and vivid pictures, students showcased the diversity of fish species. They then delivered well-researched presentations, explaining the crucial role fish migration plays in maintaining the health of the aquatic ecosystem.


Led by their teacher, Ms. Kalpana Raajkumar, the assembly achieved a two-fold objective. It instilled discipline within the students while fostering their environmental consciousness. The focus on fish migration highlighted the significance of protecting vulnerable and endangered species for a balanced environment.


This assembly embodied three of GIIS KL's 9Gems: Visual and Performing Arts (through the dance), Innovation and Creativity (through the student-led presentations), and Skill Development (through communication and research skills). The event also aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and SDG 14 (Life Below Water).


Standard 8B's assembly effectively blended education and entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on the GIIS KL community.


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